With finals, came a lot of mixed feelings. It had its low moments for the longest time. Yet now with them over, I just feel. Free.   I’ve never been gifted at creative writing or anything, but I feel like coming up with this little poem really helped me express my feelings. This little number […]

Unfortunate timing…

Hey everyone. Yesterday morning I got some really bad news from home. Turns out my dog died yesterday which is why I didn’t post then. This adds to my stress from finals and the spots around my eyes have gotten worse! I have an appointment with the college eye doctor next week. I get a […]

Is it stress?

I’m not sure if it’s finals or what, but I’ve been noticing weird spots around my eyes. At night, it’s hard to sleep because I can still see them even if it’s dark. I’ve been looking it up on the internet and I basically need to go to the eye doctor. Hopefully this will go […]


I’m attending college at the moment and it’s finals week. Gah! It’s making me go nuts lol! Hopefully I can get through them with passing grades this semester so I can transfer to my first choice University.