With finals, came a lot of mixed feelings. It had its low moments for the longest time. Yet now with them over, I just feel. Free.  

I’ve never been gifted at creative writing or anything, but I feel like coming up with this little poem really helped me express my feelings. This little number is all about finals! I hope you guys like it!


I feel like I’m

A submarine

Oh, Finals

Whatever have I done to you?

I have my limits too

I sit in front of this thing, like a fool

I tried to turn down the brightness on my eyeballs

The mug on the table falls

It’s 3:25 and this book calls

Inside my laptop


I no longer perceive with anything

I can still hear the notification ding

The lid is shut, what’s wrong with this thing?

It was inside my mind, it’s fine

I can escape the chime

I wait,




For minutes to tick down, in front of my face

I’m still alive when I turn in the page

Sit down at home

My brain feels like a bone

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.10.44 AMThese screens burn layers on my eyeballs

I feel it in my head

I think I’ll leave my phone here, and let it go dead

It’s all over now, but I still feel down

I can’t get this expression off my face

This frown


And then, a door opened up

There was this little guy in my head

He says “wassup.“

Oh finals, your aftertaste remains

But the little guy says, “ it’s all good mayne.”


It all involved a change of attitude, the little man speaks

I am two persons, who become one

My roommate doesn’t notice. None.

Listening to her small talk

About that paint made of chalk

There is joy here

I appreciate it all now


Finals. You cannot oppress me

No more writing, no more listening

No notes, no lectures

No reading, no glowing screens

No books. No projectors.


Maybe I’ll be able to finally chill

And go on a hike or something



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